Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mediclare?
Mediclare is an on-demand staffing solution for healthcare business.
Who can use the App?
All healthcare organizations and providers, like Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, Doctors, nurses and paramedics.
How much will I be charged for using the app?
All healthcare professionals can use Mediclare App for free. Healthcare organizations will pay minimum charges only when they recruit healthcare professionals using Mediclare App.
I am a healthcare professional, how does Mediclare help me?
Once you are activated as a service provider on Mediclare’s digital platform, you will start getting job notifications from healthcare organizations based on your specialization and location, thus increasing your earnings.
How does this help hospitals and other healthcare organizations?
You will have access to verified healthcare providers instantly, thus enabling you to provide timely treatment.
I am a healthcare staff, how would I get requests?
You would receive a notification on your phone when there is a new requirement matching your specialization.
I am a hospital admin, how would I pay the healthcare staff?
Once the job is done, you can review the work done and pay through Mediclare’s integrated payment gateway.
I am a healthcare staff, how would I receive the payment?
Once the job is done, the payment would be done by hospital and you can receive the payment directly to your account.
I am a hospital admin, how do I set up my profile?
We have a dedicated customer support team to answer any queries or problems that you face. you can reach on 08046846700.
I am a healthcare staff, how do I set up my profile?
After registering with your mobile number, you can add your profile details in the Skills menu in the app. You can also upload your certificates using your mobile phone’s camera or from your gallery.
Whom do I contact when there is an error in the app?
After registering with your mobile number, you can make changes to your organization’s profile and add users. Our Business Development officer would assist you to set it up.
Can I track healthcare staff?
Yes you can track the healthcare staff you have selected.
Do I need professional Indemnity insurance?
All healthcare providers should have professional indemnity insurance, this will protect you against claims.
How safe is my data?
Your data is safe with us, we only share the details to appropriate authorities with your permission.
Will I get unsolicited calls?
So many apps are available now a days, why should I try yours?
Mediclare is the only digital platform offering on-demand staffing solution where all stake holders are having maximum benefits.
Why should I upload all my certificates, it's a security breach?
Mediclare follows a very strict verification process to eliminate quacks in healthcare. For this very reason we request healthcare staff to upload the certificates and the data is stored in encrypted format for security reasons.