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Make money when you want where you want absolutely free


Walk into any Healthcare Organisation and get assured treatment with confidence. No more waiting!

"I really appreciate this app. As a fresh graduate working on locum basis, Mediclare has been a great help for me to connect with hospitals and clinics. I uploaded my documents after graduation and within a matter of few days, I have been provided with the opportunity to pick my choice of work place and cases according to my own perspective and comfort."

Dr. Akshay Agarwal


"I am able to quickly and discreetly review several profiles for my job postings in just a matter of minutes, and hire qualified help for my hospital. I really like the overall simplicity. With Mediclare's app I can recruit on my commute to work or during extra free minutes here and there."

Dr. Divyashree Shetty

Deepak Multi-Speciality Hospital

"Mediclare helped me fill the pipeline of people who could work for the position now and for future openings. I was able to find people and connect with them the next day at work."

Sujay Gopal,

Superior Multi-Speciality Hospital

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Mediclare connects the healthcare organizations and healthcare providers on a single platform allowing everyone to work on their own terms by providing access to part-time, full-time and emergency jobs. Mediclare is the only Blockchain protected equal opportunity providing platform for the Healthcare industry.